TUI guest survey and TUI Quality Net

Every year we acquire some 500,000 opinions from the TUI guest survey – certified by German TÜV. The guest questionnaires provide a steady stream of important informationon the level of satisfaction of our customers – with the holiday in general, the tour operator, travel agency or booking portal, destination, flight, hotel and travel representative.

Before booking the majority of our customers like to see reviews posted by other holidaymakers. So as soon as the first review for your hotel is comes in, we publish the results for your hotel on our homepage as well as in our reservation systems.

TUI Quality Net

On a weekly basis and free you can check your current satisfaction scores – from the very first questionnaire onwards – on our hotel platform It is useful and important to be aware of each and every guest opinion – even if only to determine the trend. You need at least the scores from at least 50 questionnaires for a full analysis. We even keep you posted on a daily basis on the “frankly speaking” comments from your guests. You can filter the comments according to topics or single terms. Registering on TUI Quality Net is easy:

How do you get more guests at your hotel to participate in the TUI guest survey? On you will find a sample letter for TUI hotels. You only have to complete this letter with your hotel name and the name of your hotel manager - and his digitised signature. Have the letter placed in the room shortly before departure or hand it out to the guest when checking out.

By getting more guests to take part in the TUI survey you are increasing your chances of winning the TUI Global Hotel Award.

For Informing you: Information leaflet on TUI guest survey

For informing your guests: Information leaflet on TUI guest survey

In the TUI guest survey we ask our customers to rate the hotel, services and facilities on a scale from 0 to 10. We only ask questions about services that have actually been booked.

Free of charge: the results of the first evaluation of your hotel and all subsequent evaluations are available on our hotel platform