Why Quality matters

Before making a booking, increasingly holidaymakers check out review portals to find out how happy other travellers have been with the hotel they want to stay in. More and more holidaymakers leave ratings after their travels. This makes the satisfaction of your guests and the quality of your hotel immediately transparent and visible online.

Only satisfied guests will book their next holiday with you; only satisfied guests will give you good reviews - reviews that motivate others to book your hotel. And only with satisfied guests can you establish your hotel as a successful and stable brand in the long term.

Do you trust customer reviews on the Internet more than personal recommendations?

Our analyses show that a high level of guest satisfaction drives growth in bookings, whereas a lower level leads to serious losses.

Hotel quality with a great impact on bookings

Our chart shows the impact of individual factors on overall satisfaction with the hotel: service, hotel hardware and quality/taste of the food account for almost 50 percent of overall satisfaction (source: TUI guest survey Summer 2017).