Guest satisfaction is the yardstick for measuring your success

Only those who have clear goals and work non-stop on improvements have a chance of achieving something quite special. And those who hold a TUI quality award in their hands have made the leap into the Champion’s League of the hotel industry.

Inspire your guests from the first moment and fulfil holiday dreams before they are articulated. Give your guests a loving welcome and an unforgettable stay in your hotel.


After all, the majority of travellers look at assessments from other holidaymakers before booking. The TUI HOLLY, TUI TOP QUALITY and TUI FAMILY CHAMPION symbol catches the eye and guides TUI customers and sales partners directly to the hotels with the best assessments. Our quality awards attract attention and ensure high occupancy rates – and high expectations.

TUI Quality Awards as marketing and sales instruments

TUI Awards are unmistakable signs of your success. We highlight the award winning hotels as first-class destinations across the gamut of TUI advertising and communications activities:

  • On our booking portal

  • In and, the reservation systems used by our travel agencies

  • On the MEINE TUI service portal

  • In the colour section and table of contents in our brochures

  • In showcase decorations at our travel agents

  • In mailings to customers

  • In communications to our partners

Whenever we promote award winners, the respective signet appears as a hallmark for outstanding hotels.

Of course, you may and should also make the most of your award in your own advertising. We provide the graphics in all common file formats.

Click here for the individual awards: