TUI Global Hotel Award

We are delighted to announce our new TUI Global Hotel Awards!

For the current CSQ return period (01.11.2018-31.10.2019), in addition to our German-speaking awards, we will also be introducing new TUI Global Hotel Awards which combine our current source market tour operator awards (TUI Northern Region Award for TUI Nordic and TUI UK & Ireland as well as the TUI Central Region Awards TUI HOLLY, TUI TOP QUALITY, TUI FAMILY CHAMPION and TUI UMWELT CHAMPION).

What does this mean for our partners?
For the transitional period we will select in December 2019 the current awards TUI HOLLY, TUI TOP QUALITY, TUI FAMILY CHAMPION and TUI UMWELT CHAMPION for our German-speaking source markets (for the CSQ return period 01.11.2018-31.10.2019) to secure that our customers and travel agencies have full visibility during the search and selection process.

From 2021 TUI Global Hotel awards will be the only set of awards across TUI Group.

The criteria for the TUI Global Hotel Awards are:

  • At least fifty CSQ returns for “Accommodation Overall” will need to have been received (12 months view, from 01.11.18-31.10.19).

  • All hotels selected will also need to score an average of 8.7 or higher for “Accommodation Overall” to qualify for an award (12 months view).

  • All hotels participating in the awards should also be certified to a GSTC-recognised standard, e.g. Travelife. As of 2021 (for the CSQ return period 01.11.2019-31.10.2020) it will be mandatory for all participating hotels in the TUI Global Hotel Awards to have this certification. 

To honour the “Best of the Best” TUI Global Hotel Awards winners 2020 we will invite to a gala ceremony in Berlin in March 2020. There will be no additional TUI Holly Gala 2020 taking place.