Guest Satisfaction Analysis

This detailed quality overview gives you a differentiated evaluation of guest satisfaction, key performance figures on individual services and information on the most important service drivers. The clearly laid out visualisation provides concrete recommendations on actions to be taken.

Content of the analysis

  • Comparison of 12 month view; easily understandable presentation of fluctuations within the season

  • 12 month report: comparison of TUI guest survey data – subject to bi-monthly analysis –  over the year, highlighting the areas with key improvement potential

  • Monthly comparison of the guest survey data  – subject to monthly analysis; rapid evaluation in event of changes in  performance

  • Evaluation of  “speaking frankly” – the concrete comments made by guests in the questionnaires

  • Destination comparison: informative facts and comparison with overall performance and all 15 satisfaction drivers

  • Recommendations on action to be taken: identify where action is needed and impact of individual services on overall guest satisfaction


  • 5 x DIN A4 brochures and PDF file

  • Analysis, either for a calendar year or a season

  • Precondition: at least 30 guest questionnaires from the TUI survey