TUI Holly/Top Quality Blitzanalysis Premium

You get a detailed overview and see your main satisfaction drivers as well as your overall performance compared with 1st and 100th hotels in the TUI Holly and No. 250 Top Quality ranking.

Content of the analysis

  • Regular update on your TUI Holly ranking

  • Individual evaluation of your five most important satisfaction drivers with the biggest improvement potential and biggest contribution to overall satisfaction

  • Benchmarking the most important satisfaction drivers compared with the performance of the best TUI hotels around the world


  • Visualisation: online at

  • Analysis, either on a monthly (10 analyses/year) or bi-monthly basis (5 analyses/year )

  • Precondition: at least 30 guest questionnaires from the TUI survey


“We commissioned the TUI Holly Blitzanalysis for five hotels and we are very happy. This gives us a regular detailed overview of how satisfied our TUI guests are and where we can leverage the most improvements to be in the running for a TUI Holly.” Halil Özcan, Barut Hotels