F&B Consulting

We provide qualified consulting to support you in optimising the structure of your F&B department. Our experienced specialists analyse all processes in detail and together with your team develop realistic solutions and improvement measures.

Consulting content

  • Detailed analysis of F&B outlets (process analysis, buffet design, menu planning)

  • Detailed analysis of F&B department (hygiene, F&B concepts, communication, sales promotion)

  • Complex analysis of buffet workflows, planning and design

  • Valuable advice to raise efficiency, improve quality and harness existing potential

Facts Module A

  • Three-day consulting

  • Debriefing and report

Facts Module B

  • In addition to Module A

  • Two-day follow-up within six months

  • Review of standards implemented

  • Further and more far-reaching recommendations for F&B department

What is your experience of the F & B consulting? I have only had very good experience. Very friendly and open people in the hotels, with whom it is a lot of fun to make things happen.

What is the main focus? This varies and depends very much on the challenges and wishes of the hotels. For me measures that are quick and easy to implement are the important ones.

How are practical methods integrated in this consulting? In the end this is on the job training. So we try to show and implement new things that are as practical as possible. Always on the basis of practical examples, without too much theory.

What do you regard as the biggest challenge? The most important thing is to immediately build a positive relationship with the manager and the employees. Mutual respect, engagement on equal terms, enjoying working together on a basis of trust are extremely important. This is always a challenge with so many different nationalities and participants.

What is the biggest added value for the participants and the hotel? The external perspective from someone who is not trapped in the daily routines can provide insightful approaches and completely new impulses for the team. In addition, through years of experience, we can immediately identify challenges and work out uncomplicated solutions with the team. We have seen a lot and thus have a broad portfolio of solutions on hand.

What was your best experience? I was running a training course in a Bulgarian hotel where there were no guests due to a late season opening. Together with the team we solved these challenges immediately and still put together an exciting and great training week. On the way to another TUI hotel in the region, the training participants showed me aspects of their country and told me their personal histories. These are always the best experiences for me, when I realize that people get a lot from the training and we can make a personal connection.