Mystery Check

“Think like the customer thinks – see what the customer sees.”

The Mystery Check gives you an unique opportunity of seeingyour hotel from the guests’ perspectives and making objectiveevaluations. Selected, trained TUI specialists with experience inthe hotel industry thoroughly document the quality standardsof all ser vices and facilities and recommend valuable improvementmeasures.


  • Audit on basis of a TUI criteria catalogue with 2,500 items

  • Documentation of all quality requirements from check-in, room facilities, staff and service to the garden

  • Evaluation of the individual categories to astandardised scoring systemn

  • Additional photographic material and detailed descriptions

  • Concrete recommendations

Fact Module A

  • An detailed preparation on basis of quality data and websites

  • Three-day visit by checker

  • Written and photographic documentation & analysis

  • Personal debriefing on findings at the hotel

  • Detailed, comprehensive report – approx. 150 pages

Facts Module B

  • In addition to Module A

  • Three-day follow-up visit within six months

  • Review of measures implemented since last Mystery Check



"Please allow me to repeat my thanks, this check was simply wonderful. The lady checker also deserves quite special praise, as she was very professional and really had an eye for detail. On the basis of this check we will now be introducing improvement measures. I therefore wanted to ask if we can count on having another test in six months to see how well the hotel has performed?" Christoph Maximilian Schlatter, Hotel Laudinella

Interview with our experts regarding the Mystery Check

What is your experience with the Mystery Check? It is very important for the Mystery Checker to provide detailed data, i.e. photos, concrete experiences or observations. The Mystery Check reports are therefore very extensive documents, which also contain many recommendations. 

In your opinion, what is the main focus of the Mystery Check? Is it the famous dust finger? A Mystery Check not only checks the cleanliness of the hotel. A considerable number of satisfaction factors are scrutinized - service, gastronomy or the condition and equipment of the establishment are also important. Further factors of the check are, e.g. security, entertainment or child friendliness.

What is the biggest added value for the hotel? A Mystery Check creates awareness of the perspective of guests with respect to management and employees. If the results and photos of the Mystery Check are made available to all departments, this has, in my experience, a great impact on all employees and usually leads to changes.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for a Mystery Check? A Mystery Checker must be well-organized to be able to check all areas and services of the hotel in the given time, complete the very extensive checklists and prepare a meaningful presentation for the final briefing with the management. He always has to act like a normal guest.

What was your best/funniest experience during a mystery check? Sometimes I can see that recommendations are implemented or deficiencies remedied directly after the final briefing with the management. Often after a MC I have a look at the guest satisfaction ratings for the hotel and am happy to see they have risen. 

What happens if your real role is discovered? That has never happened up to now, even not in hotels that are often subject to a Mystery Check.