F&B Service Training

Individual service and high service standards are growing in importance to ensure satisfied guests and help you stand out from the crowd. We coach your staff in their daily tasks and duties and provide them with an effective tool so that they can attend their guests with style, fulfil wishes in a service oriented manner and handle complaints professionally.  

Content of the training

  • The perfect service employee

  • Service principles

  • Workplace culture (HACCP and mise-en-place)

  • Dining culture and table layout

  • Guest attention in the restaurant

  • Complaints management

Facts Module A

  • Three-day training

  • Practical focus with background theory

  • Debriefing and report

Facts Module B

  • In addition to Module A

  • Three-day follow-up within six months

  • Refreshing content from Module A

  • Service for professionals 


"For us, quality is a consistent priority. We believe in continuous development and improvement. We regard the TUI Holly Award as a valuable management tool. The training had great practical value for us. With this knowledge, our teams can make our guests even happier." Jaime Rosselló, Grupotel Hotels & Resorts

Our F&B Trainer answers questions regarding this training:

What is your experience of the TUI training courses? Well organised by TUI and the hotel: The management as well as the participants welcome us. There is a real need to work on service quality and customer support and assistance.

What is the main focus? Bringing together and integrating critical comments on the Web, the preliminary questionnaire and what I see as a "guest" on the first day. I adapt my training programme on the basis of these findings: whether to concentrate more on basic knowledge or more on customer support and assistance and complaints management.

What does the practical part of a F&B Service training course look like? Basic knowledge: setting the table, folding napkins, carrying plates, mise-en-place at the waiter station, cleanliness of clothes/restaurant/tables. Service work flows matched to the respective hotel.

Guest relation management and complaints management: The work flow for GRM and complaints management is practiced in role playing. Always present: motivating and fostering social interaction and “Your attitude as a service employee“.

What do you think is the biggest challenge? Get to know and analyse the hotel and the facilities as quickly as possible; where I pick up the respective employees and return them well-trained and motivated to F&B service.

What is the biggest added value for the participants and the hotel? Trained, enthusiastic and motivated service employees are THE best advertising and multipliers for each hotel. An unmotivated employee can have such a big negative impact that it can outweigh all the positive marketing you might invest in.

What was your best experience? Generally the sharing between people and learning from each other.