Housekeeping Training

Housekeeping contributes crucially to guest satisfaction. That is why it is so important that your employees are perfectly trained in this area too. Make the most of the opportunity to fully harness the potential of your housekeeping team. 

Content of the training

  • Most important quality standards

  • Efficient sequence of jobs to be done

  • Working with checklists

  • Rational stacking of shelved trolleys

  • Guest safety and privacy

  • Materials science

  • Special focus on coaching the head housekeeper with advice on personnel management and planning

  • Positive and effective collaboration with other departments, such as front office or facility management

Facts Module A

  • Three-day training

  • Practical focus with background theory

  • Debriefing and report

Facts Module B

  • In addition to Module A

  • Two-day follow-up within six months

  • Refreshing and reviewing implemented standards

  • Further and more far-reaching recommendations for  housekeeping



“We were very pleased with the content of the training and the cooperation with the trainers. The housekeeping team is now highly motivated thanks to the helpful training, which was attended by the entire team. I‘m sure we will benefit from considerable added value gained on the basis of this training - not only appreciated by TUI guests but by all guests. The planning, content and duration of the training have met our expectations.“ Çaglar Bayrakçi, Spice Hotel & Spa

Our housekeeping expert answers questions regarding this training:

What is your experience with the TUI training courses? I've had a lot of positive experiences with my training courses in the different destinations. The hotels and their staff enjoy and appreciate participating in the TUI training courses and actively take part and show great interest in the theoretical and practical courses. They are grateful for valuable tips and for optimising their work flows.

What is the main focus? Key priority areas that definitely apply to all departments are the steps for establishing perfect guest satisfaction with first-class service. In theoretical and practical courses we promote self-disciplined action on the part of all employees, provide inspiration, assistance and impulses for independent and confident work.

What does the practical part of a housekeeping training course look like? In the housekeeping training course we offer the opportunity of training the hotel staff individually in their usual field of activity, directly on-site in the hotel. The special conditions of the hotel are included in the training. We use the conference rooms for the theoretical part and let the practical part of the training take place authentically in the guest rooms. We design the training with the employees in a lively and practical way. We use so-called arrival and stay-over rooms to perform practical exercises.

What do you think is the biggest challenge? After arriving at the hotel the first task is to immediately inform yourself about and consider the actual circumstances and situation. As a trainer you should immediately familiarise yourself with the strengths/weaknesses of each department, keep your eyes open, gather impressions and produce photographic material, which is then used in the first part of the theoretical training.

What is the biggest added value for the participants and the hotel? "If you stop wanting to be better, you stop being good." With our extensive and in-depth experience of destinations and hotels we are able to help hotels and their employees to confidently rise to an outstanding service level while maintaining quality standards in a diverse hotel landscape as well as creating a positive image. Our aim is to have satisfied, happy and returning guests.

What was your best experience? The most beautiful experiences I have experienced so far have been in housekeeping. This department is very thankful for our training. Housekeeping is a physically strenuous and hard job that unfortunately still receives too little appreciation. Giving the housekeeping team the attention they deserve and appreciative praise should be the highest priority - and we implement this among others in the training course and get the nicest feedback. My greatest respect to all the room ladies!