Service Excellence Training

Service is the most important driver for overall guest satisfaction – and does not mean just service in the restaurant, but rather in all areas that involve contact with the guests, such as reception, entertainment, spa & wellness. Gear up your team for excellent service.

Training content

  • Guest expectations

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication: important rules on body language and vocabulary

  • Small talk: the art of enhancing guest loyaltyService behaviour and communication

  • Service in stress situations

  • Dealing professionally with guests making complaints

  • Intercultural competence

Facts Module A

  • Three-day training

  • Practical focus with background theory

  • Debriefing and report

Facts Module B

  • In addition to Module A

  • Two-day follow-up within six months

  • Refreshing and reviewing implemented standards

  • Further and more far-reaching service recommendations

Interview with our experts regarding the Service Excellence Training

What are your experiences with the TUI training sessions? As a rule, service excellence training involves employees from different departments. The joint work helps understand the interaction of processes in different areas and create synergies for better cooperation.

What is the main focus? What does service excellence mean in my department? How can I easily show service readiness even in stressful situations? What is the perspective of our guests? How do I communicate effectively with guests and with my colleagues? What do I do in the event of a complaint? How do I behave in difficult situations?

What does the practical part of service excellence training look like? Participants should be able to apply models of action to their work environment. Therefore, practical methods such as group work and role play are an essential part of service excellence training.

What do you regard as the biggest challenge? To constantly adapt to new circumstances and convey the training contents in such a way that they are implemented in concrete terms in the respective work situation. To motivate the employees so that they like to apply what they have learned.

What is the biggest added value for the participants and the hotel? In fact, service excellence training often results in a great boost in motivation. With consistent follow-up by the management, both team performance and guest satisfaction increase sustainably.

What was your best experience? I am always happy when participants tell me that they have learned something new and useful. Sometimes that even goes beyond work. After a SE training course one participant once told me: If I had known so much about communication before, then I could have prevented the divorce from my wife!